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Our children


There are no more curious explorers than young children. They begin to receive information immediately after birth, and by the time they're ready to go to school, their brains have learned a lot of of details about yourself, their families and the world around them. At the age of 2 to 5 years, the process of learning and teaching takes place so quickly that if the children are given the right start, the speed of learning and the results are incredible.




Детский Сад

"What do you think is a rainbow? "-

“It’s the rain and the sun together!"


This is what our little 3-year-old student told us.

Much of the learning process of the child 3-5 years looks like a game for an adult, but for a young child it’s a serious business when he learns about himself and the world. During this activity the child develops a sense of language: learning to listen, understand and then speak.


Modern psychologists have proven that for children 2 - 3 years is much easier to master reading and writing, than for children aged 6 - 8 years. Also, with the right teaching approach, children don’t just learn fast but also do it eagerly.


Thanks to the successful use of our unique early education methodologies, our young students read as early as 3 years of age. Also, our teachers have successfully applied the programs of world geography, natural sciences, biology, astronomy, geometry, logic and mathematics (adapted for young children).


Children who have finished our pre-school program, easily and successfully adapt to the grade school since they are already familiar with most of the concepts.

Tots program (2-3,5 years old) includes Russian as a Game, logic, math, Zaitsev blocks, arts and crafts and music.


Shiny Star program (4-5 years old) includes reading, writing, Zaitsev blocks, math, logic, World Around Us.




Учимся, играя
На уроке
На уроке


Russian language




World around us

Arts and crafts

Music and movement

Gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics


Foreign languages

Speech development

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